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Is your device broken or behaving badly? Well get it booked in for repair today.

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Fill out the form below with as much detail about your issue as possible and I will get back to you as soon as I can with a no obligation quote and availability for your repair.

Booking is simple

A few things to remember when booking your repair.

I am not a shop, so when you book in a repair with me, you are booking a designated time to drop off your device for inspection. Repairs can take anywhere from 24 Hours to 7 working days, and the duration will depend solely on the devices issue, and inspection report, after which I will inform you of the cost, duration and completion estimate.

To book in your repair, please use the form below to give me as much detail as possible about the repair you require.


Please read before continuing to make a booking

Please note: All bookings made after 2:30pm will be pushed back by 24hours.

  • All bookings are subject to confirmation. Booking does not gurantee your reservation until you have responded to the confirmation email.
  • All non Apple devices or bookings over £100 must be paid in full prior to any work carried out.
  • All bookings must be received before 2:30pm on the day of booking to be confirmed for the following day. Anything received after this time will be pushed back by 24 hours.


Appointments are for device drop off only! The standard time for repair is 24 hours, but this is subject to change depending on device and repair type.


Apple screens come in white or black depending on your phone colour. Please select which colour screen you have if you are requesting a screen repair.