Mail In Repair Service

Post your devices to me for diagnosis, quote and repair

We all lead busy lives and sometimes finding the time to visit a repair tech to repair your devices can be difficult. This is why I now accept mail in repairs.

Post your devices to me using an insured and tracked service and I will diagnose, quote, repair and return your device as good as new, using a tracked and insured delivery service.

How Long Will It Take?

Device Repair and Post Service Times

Upon receiving your device there will be a period of diagnosis which can take up to 24 hours.

Once diagnosed, your parts will be ordered for next day delivery and the repair will commence when parts have arrived.

Due to the uncontrollable factor of postage, I do aim to get your device back within 3 days* of receiving it.

*This is an estimate and could take longer.

Get Your Device Ready

First step, check the prices!

Here's a quick list of iPhone devices for you to check prices before sending in your device.

iphone xs max
iPhone XS Max
iphone xs
iPhone XS
iphone xs
iPhone X
iphone xr
iPhone XR
iphone 8 plus
iPhone 8 Plus
iphone 8
iPhone 8
iphone 7 plus
iPhone 7 Plus
iphone 7
iPhone 7
iphone 12 pro
iPhone 12 Pro
iphone 12
iPhone 12
iphone 11 pro max
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iphone 11 pro
iPhone 11 pro
iphone 11
iPhone 11
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6 Plus
iphone 6
iPhone 6
iPhone Repair

Get your Device Ready For Postage

To help protect your data, and save time here are some steps you should take

  1. Backup your device to icloud or to your computer before you drop it off.
  2. Remove any pin / passwords, or make a note of your pin / password upon drop off.
  3. Remove any sim cards and memory cards as these will not be covered by insurance.
  4. If your device requires a system restore, please make a note of any icloud account login details.
  5. Pack up your device in adequate packaging to ensure no damage occurs during delivery and make sure to include the form.
  6. Select a tracked and insured postal service and pop your device in the post.

If your device will not turn on or your screen is damaged to a point where you cannot see the image, then please complete as many steps as you can.

Recommended Packaging

The best way to send your device is either in its original box inside a postal bag, or packed in a sufficient box with packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

original packaging
packing box

Step 1

Print out the repair mail in form, fill it out and pop it in the package with your device.

Step 2

Package up your device along with the form in adequate packaging and pop it in the post.

Step 3

Sit back, relax and wait for your device to be diagnosed, quoted, repaired and returned.

It's Time!

You’re ready to send in your device! Download and print the form below.

Terms & Conditions

All estimates will be given free of charge. The Phone Guy cannot be held responsible for any other fault that occurs when a device has been sent in for repair or estimate when fluid or physical damage has been diagnosed. I understand I am responsible for my device until it is received by The Phone Guy will not be posted back until payment in full has been received. A fee of £9 is required for the devices return carriage. I understand that The Phone Guy cannot be held responsible for loss of any data stored on my device that is not backed up by me.

Quick Price for Apple Screen Repair.

7 £60

7 Plus £68

8 £68

8 Plus £73

x £125

xr £100

xs £130

xs max £130

11 £100

11 pro £130

11 pro max £170

I have some of the best prices in Maidenhead for Apple and Samsung screen replacement.