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Protect your device in style!

Screen protection for your device has evolved! Hydrogel screen protectors are an excellent alternative to tempered glass. They are thinner, just as durable and evan explosion proof, unlike glass. Screen protectors maidenhead can help!

From £15

Screen Protectors

High Clear

The High Clear screen is our highly transparent option, offering explosion proof coverage, with no change to screen brightness or visibility. With a thickness of only 0.15mm providing the best possible anti-shock, anti-crack and anti-scratch protection, with no disruption to
your screen quality.

Privacy Film

The Privacy Film helps protect your device from nosey onlookers, as well as from scratches and cracks. Protecting your personal data with a viewable area that can only be seen from face on, this screen is totally peep-proof. With ultra-clear picture quality, anti-fingerprint coating, and matte feel, the privacy film has all of the quality features of the rest
of the range, whilst protecting your personal data.


The Anti-Glare screen is our best feel option, with a smooth matte finish. The film is treated with a non-reflective, non-refractive coating, ensuring that you have no glare, even in the brightest lights. Not only does this protect your eyes from strain, but it also makes your phone much more useable in daylight. The screen also has an anti-fingerprint coating. reducing streaks and oily finger marks, keeping your screen looking
clean and new.

Anti Blue

The Anti Blue Screen helps protect your eyes from blue light damage and strain. Containing the same great anti-scratch and anti-crack technology as our other screen protectors, the anti-blue coating is perfect for those who spend long periods of time on their phone or
who are more conscious of their eye health.

Custom Wraps


Protect your devices frame and rear glass with these stylish patterned vinyl skins. Available cut to order to your specific device for a perfect fit. Below is a small selection of available styles, get in touch today to find our more, or to view the catalogue.

It couldn't be simpler

Hydrogel screen protectors are custom cut to fit your device. Whatever device you have, I can cut and fit your screen protector or wrap to give your phone a fresh new look, whilst keeping it safe and protected.

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