iphone repair in maidenhead


iPhone repair in Maidenhead has never been easier!

Hi! My name is Matt, I am a device repair technician.
I can repair your phones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices.

I operate by appointment only, as I am not a shop, but a lone repair tech. My working hours are from 6pm to 10pm but I am available to book your device in all day everyday.

The best way to get in touch to book is by using my booking page HERE, or contacting me via one of the messaging channels below.

Repairing your device can be a little bit of a minefield with so many shops and options available, therefore you can not
always be sure as to the quality of components you are receiving in your repair.

At The Phone Guy my moto is honesty! For instance, I will walk you through the costs of your repair and the reasons behind
those costs, through every step of your repair. In other words you will always know what you are getting for your money, and you will always be notified of any additional work that needs doing before it is done.

Come to the device repair technician you can trust, come to The Phone Guy.

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iphone repair in maidenhead

iphone repairs


ipad repair in maidenhead

ipad repairs


device repairs you can trust


Get your device back within 24 hours


Only the best quality components are used in my repairs, making sure your device is as close to original as it could possibly be, in other words ensuring your device works as it should!


Most repairs are completed within a 24 hour period, unless specified therefore giving you the fastest possible repair we can offer, unless otherwise specified.


Prices are structured around the industry standard for work, similarly for the quality of components used. I am not the cheapest, however you can guarantee you will get the best quality components.